Visit Sitka has a new mobile app that tourists can use to navigate the community, online or off. 

Director Laurie Booyse unveiled the app at the Sitka Assembly meeting on Tuesday (8-8-23). She said so far this year, her office has distributed over 100,000 maps to travelers, a substantial increase from last year. 

“We’re hoping that finally having an app that people can put on their phone and use to explore Sitka will help us not only save money with printing costs, it’ll save paper, but it’ll help them experience Sitka in a much better way,” Booyse said.

The digital map has over 180 “points of interest” denoting everything from restaurants and retail businesses to locations of restrooms and ATMs. and once it’s downloaded it can be used offline. Booyse said they partnered with the mobile app developer Driftscape” to create the program.

Find a link to download the app for IOS or Android users here