Books, DVDs, and more. Now, Sitkans can check out something new from the Sitka Public Library – board games. The library has acquired a collection of 21 board games. Adult Services Librarian Margot O’Connell joined KCAW’s Brooke Schafer to discuss the new board game program, which they hope to expand in the future. Listen to their conversation here:

“We do have some specifically kids games, but we also have a lot of stuff that can be played by folks of all ages,” O’Connell says. “Cooperative classics, we have RPGs…deck building games. So it’s a big variety.” 

A few of the games are familiar classics, but most are newer games that have become popular as the tabletop gaming industry has grown over the last decade. They can be checked out from the library for two weeks at a time. Overdue board games will accrue a dollar-a-day late fee, capped at $10 dollars.

Board games aren’t the only new media the library is circulating. The children’s library program is checking out new STEM discovery kits and NASA backpacks with telescopes, and soon they’ll have ‘food around the world’ kits too.

For more information on upcoming library programs, call the Sitka Public Library at 747-4020.