Dancers stand in a Lund to perform in Sarah Campen’s short film ‘Salmon Dance.’ (Campen 2023.)

Commercial fishing and dance may seem like an unlikely combination, but for Sitka-raised artist Sarah Campen, it just makes sense. Campen has released a short film that she describes as a “window in the life and livelihood of commercial salmon trolling in Southeast Alaska.”

The film runs just over ten minutes and incorporates contemporary dance and documentary footage of fishing in and around Icy Strait and Cross Sound, as well as audio interviews with fishermen. 

A free screening of the film will be held Friday, August 25 at Harbor Mountain Brewing Company, where the film will be screened on loop from 5-8pm. Proceeds from drink purchases will go towards covering the cost of attending the Dance Camera Istanbul Film Festival, where the film has been accepted. 

Campen and guest Michael Mausbach joined KCAW’s Brooke Schafer to discuss the film and Friday event. Campen’s film is available to watch on her website.