A Sitka grand jury indicted a commercial fisherman in August, after he was charged with several counts of assault and misconduct involving a weapon.

According to a police affidavit, 36-year-old Jeb Phillips allegedly shot a gun at another fisherman following an altercation in Pelican’s harbor on August 3.  

Around 1 a.m. that morning, Phillips was backing his fishing vessel, the Magnus Martin, out of its slip while still tied to the dock, when he collided with another boat. According to statements from the victim and a witness, the owner of the boat that Phillips hit yelled at him. The two argued, and then the other boat owner began throwing dirty dishes at Phillips’ boat. At that point, Phillips allegedly pulled out a rifle and shot it. No one was injured, and the victim called police later that morning.

The Alaska State Troopers opened an investigation and soon issued a warrant for Phillips, who was working a commercial fishery near Cross Sound. On August 24, Phillips was indicted on three counts of felony assault in the third degree and one count of misconduct involving weapons. 

Two others were indicted by a Sitka Grand Jury in August. 32-year-old Anthony Blake Beck Campbell was charged with felony DUI after Sitka police arrested him twice in one day for driving while intoxicated. 

According to court documents, Campbell was pulled over on the morning of August 5 on Lake Street and arrested for a DUI. He was released by police about an hour later and advised no to drive. Around 1 p.m. he was arrested again after an officer pulled him over on Katlian Street, and observed an open beer and a bag of cannabis in his passenger seat. 

On August 10, Campbell was indicted on two counts of felony DUI and for refusing a breathalyzer test.

A Sitka Grand Jury also indicted Joseph John Finn on August 24 on one count of misconduct involving a controlled substance. Finn was arrested after a bottle of fentanyl pills were allegedly discovered at his home during a routine probation and parole check. 

Trial dates in all three cases are pending.