Steve Morse is a retired teacher from the Sitka School District. During his tenure with SSD, Morse worked in special education as a speech therapist, working with ages preschool through high school. In 2000, he worked in early learning program contracting with the Air Force in Germany. Through his private practice, Morse has continued to work throughout Alaska, including the Northwest Arctic School District, Prince of Wales, and the Southeast Islands School District. During this work, he often slept on gym floors and ate school lunches with administrators and staff, giving him a unique perspective on education throughout Alaska. He currently works part-time as a contractor with Center for Community Early Learning Program in Sitka. Morse has a PhD in Speech Pathology and an MAEd in Education. He enjoys spending time at his cabin at Baranof Warm Springs, cycling, hiking, and sometimes jogging with his wife Barbara.

Advocacy Statement
As a long time educator and a parent of four children who attended the Sitka School District, I believe I have a good working knowledge of the district as well as a deep appreciation for what it takes to educate children. I understand both the challenges and the opportunities facing our community and schools as we work together to educate our students and create good citizens. Having worked both within the school district for 20 years and then for community-based agencies providing services to students, I understand the importance of partnerships and family engagement. I believe we all need to work together to do what’s best for our children and our community. If elected, I look forward to listening to you about your concerns and ideas to help meet this vision.