Author: Emily Kwong, KCAW

Assembly reviews hospital process, security upgrades at utility desk

Teams from the City of Sitka and SEARHC will come to the table on December 6th and December 19th to begin joint negotiations over Sitka Community Hospital. But first, they are carrying out a two-way due diligence process. Each hospital is requesting extensive amounts of information from the other to figure out what a deal might look like and eliminate any financial surprises.

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Heated by hot springs, Tenakee Springs Museum tells community’s story

Tenakee Springs, Alaska is a dirt road town with a 10 mile per hour speed limit. Time seems to slow down. Few interactions are in passing. And now, there’s a place where time comes to a complete standstill.  During a reporting trip around Chichagof Island, KCAW visited the new Tenakee Springs Museum housing the history of this storied southeast town.

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Stedman returns to Senate finance committee chairmanship

Stedman is no stranger to co-chairing the Senate Finance Committee. He served as co-chair from 2007 to 2012 at a time of surpluses for Alaska. He returns in a time of recession. State savings has depleted to $2 billion. While many want to tap the Permanent Fund, Stedman thinks there should be a constitutional protection in place to cap withdrawals at a certain level.

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