Author: Emily Kwong, KCAW

Sitka couple united in voter accessibility and in life

Absentee voting is available in Alaska through Monday, November 5th, but not all registered voters can cast their ballot. Blind and visually impaired voters in need of special machines will have to wait until election day -- and that doesn’t sit well with one married couple in Sitka. William Craig is legally blind and Helen Craig is legally deaf.

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With climate change case in limbo, Sitkans organize youth rally

The United States Supreme Court was scheduled to hear a high profile climate lawsuit yesterday, but last week--Juliana vs. the United States--was put on hold. The 21 youth plaintiffs are suing the federal government for harming the climate. Youth in Sitka think their case is on the right track and held a climate rally in solidarity.

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City to flush Sitka’s water system this week

The city will perform routine maintenance on Sitka’s water supply network this week by flushing the distribution mains. This annual event flushes the pipes that transport water down city streets. A statement from the city said this work can cause low pressure or cloudy water for a short period of time, but does not create any health issues.

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Sitka police officer files sexual harassment lawsuit

A female police officer filed a sexual harassment complaint against the Sitka Police Department on Thursday. 32-year-old Mary Ferguson alleges that throughout her time on the force, she was treated differently because of her gender and subject to sexual harassment by male officers. This is the second lawsuit filed against the department in less than two months.

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Sitka’s senior citizens asked to show ID for tax exemption

Sitka’s senior sales tax exemption is back in place, but with a key difference. City officials want to implement a new system for determining eligibility. The city is telling retailers to check the age on a shopper’s Alaska-issued ID before applying the tax. Not everyone is happy with the new policy.

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