Author: Emily Kwong, KCAW

Another Sitka outage as crews resolve equipment issues

The impacts of Saturday’s system-wide power outage continue in Sitka. While repairing equipment that was damaged during that outage, the Electric Department encountered a technical issue at Green Lake. This caused another another system-wide outage today for approximately forty minutes.

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High voltage surge shuts off power, damages equipment in Sitka

Sitka lost all electric power on Saturday evening (09-16-18) for approximately four hours. The city is now advising citizens to check all life-saving electronic equipment to ensure it still works. The city is also planning a power outage from 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. on Friday, September 21st to replace damaged equipment at the Marine Street substation.

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Cost of childcare an added financial stress for Sitka’s families

Working parents looking for childcare can find themselves without many options in Sitka. There are only three licensed care providers for children and rates can exceed $1000 a month. As part of our series "The Cost of Living in Sitka," we spoke with Erica Whipkey, the Board President of the Betty Eliason Child Care Center.  

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Sitka considers a plastic bag fee to reduce pollution

Sitka has taken the first step towards passing policy to reduce plastics in the environment, joining the ranks of other communities around the state. The ordinance - passed by a 4-2 vote on first reading by the Sitka Assembly Tuesday night (09-11-18) - would require vendors to charge customers 15 cents for every plastic bag and 10 cents for every paper bag.

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