Author: Cameron Clark, KCAW

Curious Sitka probes downtown parking problem

The opening of the Aspen Hotel in downtown Sitka this July significantly eased the community’s accommodation crunch, but parking remains in short supply. KCAW’s Cameron Clark addresses a question: Where will all the guests at the new Aspen Hotel park?

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3000 block of HPR briefly goes dark

Residents on the 3000 block of Halibut Point Road briefly lost power on Saturday morning (7-10-17). Homeowners quickly reported the problem to police and the Electrical Department was notified.

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Sitkan shoots bear dead after dog scuffle

A Sitka man shot and killed a bear that was threatening his dog early Wednesday morning (6-14-17). Wildlife authorities later located the dead animal in a ravine 100 yards from his residence off of Halibut Point Road.

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Sitkan focuses lens on climate change in SE Asia

Lione Clare has created a climate change presentation entitled, Vulnerable Vietnam: A Photo Story Focused on Climate Change in the Mekong Delta. She gave the show at the Sitka Public Library on June 1, the same day President Trump withdrew the United States from the Paris Accord.

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