a special KCAW series on affordable housing solutions


In Sitka, housing is expensive and hard to find. That can have all kinds of consequences for the community. What’s being done to help?

“Every single year housing is a crisis. It’s a tremendous problem: availability, quality of the stock, affordability. There aren’t enough buildings. They cost too much, and there’s way too many buildings that people shouldn’t be living in.”

-Randy Hughey, Sitka Community Land Trust

Portable, Sitka-built ‘mini homes’ could help regional housing crunch

Portable, Sitka-built ‘mini homes’ could help regional housing crunch

In many rural Alaska communities, the high cost of construction can lead to housing shortages, unsafe living conditions and overcrowding. A new “mini-home” project is working to tackle the problem in Yakutat by building the houses in Sitka where costs are lower and then shipping them. The construction company behind the project hopes its idea spreads.

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