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Commentary: Dreamers with eyes wide open

Greta Thunberg has sparked a media-driven adult backlash reminiscent of America back when people against the War in Vietnam were called traitors and bums, and when those in favor of civil rights were termed enemies of civilization. Read More

Listener Commentary: ‘The Power of Composting’

My name is Toby Campbell. Since my husband and I moved to Sitka in 1987, we have composted our fruit and vegetable waste. It has always been astounding to me how much beautiful soil as well as balls of worms come from our compost pile, which we’ve gratefully used in our vegetable and flower beds (and shared these worm balls with our friends)! Read More

Commentary: Stevenson plan a ‘respectful renovation’

We are committed to historic preservation. We are turning a hundred-year old historic building into a year-round home for musicians and the centuries-old priceless instruments. We are retaining historic features of the building's exterior, and recapturing historic elements that have been absent for decades. Read More



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