Category: Kake Commentary

Student Essay: The Turnaround

By the age of 10, I was walking into grocery stores and taking anything I desired for the price of nothing. My family was poor and sometimes we didn’t have food in the cupboards. So, I went out and got my own food to feed myself and family. But even when we became stable again, the stealing didn't go away. Read More

Tauno Hill: The Fan

I watched old fights like Hagler vs. Hearns and Ali vs. Foreman. I studied the technique and the the different styles. I learned how to train my body and eat right and get ready for a match. Read More

Riley Davis: “The Role Model”

When my dad got remarried in 2006, I never thought that would later mean five more siblings. The littlest one likes to take all of the books out of the bookshelf and throw his food on the floor. I also probably step on a lego at least once a day. Read More

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