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In a quest for cheaper energy, Kake turns to biomass heating

Alaskans spend nearly sixty percent more on energy than the national average, and in some rural communities, that number is much higher. The Kupreanof Island village of Kake is trying to bring down the high cost of energy by transitioning to renewables. They’ve looked at solar, wind, hydro and now biomass heating, an old technology with a new design. Read More

On a quiet Alaska Day, small Kiks.ádi ceremony replaces cannon fire with talk of ‘reconciliation’

Sunday (10-18-20) was Alaska Day, and in any other year, Sitka’s downtown would’ve been packed with visitors and locals celebrating the town’s biggest event. This year, the Alaska Day organizing committee cancelled the parade and other public events because of the coronavirus pandemic. But, the growing effort to rebrand the holiday “Reconciliation Day” continued. Read More


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