2020 EEO Public File Report
Raven Radio Foundation Inc.
October 1, 2019 to September 30, 2020

Section A: Vacancies for full-time jobs during the previous 12 months:

Date of Hire Job Title Recruitment Source Referring Hiree
6/1/2020 Report For America Reporter Referral from Colleague
6/29/2020 Development Coordinator CPB Jobline

Section B: Recruitment Sources
During the previous 12 months, the following recruitment sources were contacted as vacancies for full-time jobs opened. Those with an asterisk had requested to be contacted as job openings occurred.

Referral Source Address of Source Contact Person at Source Tel. No. and E-Mail Address of Source
Internal KCAW posting* 2 Lincoln Street, Suite B, Sitka, AK 99835 Becky Meiers becky@kcaw.org, (907) 747-5877
KCAW & CoastAlaska website* www.kcaw.org Becky Meiers becky@kcaw.org, (907) 747-5877
Alaska Job Center Network/Sitka Job Service* 304 Lake St., Room 101, Sitka, AK 99835-7563, http://www.jobs.state.ak.us/employer.htm Fran Schwuchow fran.schwuchow@alaska.gov, (907) 747-3423
Daily Sitka Sentinel classifieds Daily Sitka Sentinel,112 Barracks Street, Sitka, AK 99835 Cyndi Cassedy cyndi@sitkasentinel.com, (907) 747-3219
Sitka Tribe of Alaska* 456 Katlian Street, Sitka, AK 99835 Anne Davis

Anne.Davis@sitkatribe-nsn.gov, (907) 747-3207

Alaska Native Brotherhood 235 Katlian Street, Suite A, Sitka, AK 99835   (907) 747-3207
CPB Jobline Website 401 9th Street, NW, Washington, DC, https://www.cpb.org/jobline    
Alaska Public Broadcasting Inc. website 135 Cordova Street, Anchorage, AK 99501 Kim Pigg  kim@akpb.org, (907) 277-6300
Alaska Broadcasters Association website P.O. Box 102424, Anchorage, AK 99510 Cathy Hiebert  akbagold@gci.net, (907) 258-2424
The Foraker Group website 161 Klevin Street, Suite 101, Anchorage AK 99508, https://www.forakergroup.org/site/index.cfm/cboard  Monica Garcia-Itchoak mitchoak@forakergroup.org, (907) 743-1207
Report For America https://www.reportforamerica.org/application/



David Reed Fox dfox@reportforamerica.org 
JournalismJobs.com https://journalismjobs.com    info@journalismjobs.com, 510-508-3786
National Association of Black Journalists https://nabjcareers.org/   eric@nabjcareers.org 626-792-3846
National Association of Hispanic Journalists https://www.nahjcareers.org/   info@nahjcareers.org 626-792-3846

Section C: Hiree Recruitment Source
The following is a list of the sources for full-time jobs shown in Section A above and the recruitment source which provided the hire for that position.

Date of Hire Job Title Recruitment Source Referring Hiree
6/1/2020 Report For America Reporter Referral from Colleague
6/29/2020 Development Coordinator CPB Jobline

Section D: Interviewee Recruitment Source

Recruitment Sources Referring Interviewees during Reporting Period Number of Persons Interviewed that the Source Referred
Report For America 5
CPB Jobline 2
Daily Sitka Sentinel 1
State of Alaska Job Center 1

Section E: Recruitment Initiatives
During the past 12 months, the station engaged in the following recruitment initiatives. The information required by FCC Rule 73.2080(c)(6) is provided in the charts that follow.

Operate an internship and fellowship program for radio broadcasting; promote program to communities under-represented in broadcast journalism Provide training and on-air experience for community members who are interested in broadcasting and hosting radio shows
Listed each upper-level category opening in a job bank or newsletter of media trade groups whose membership includes substantial participation of women and minorities Participated in job banks, internet programs, and other programs designed to promote outreach generally (i.e., that are not primarily directed to providing notification of specific job vacancies)

CPB Employment Statistical Report – 2020