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Amid police staffing shortage, hostile workplace allegations resurface at recent assembly meeting

Sitka’s police department remains seriously short-staffed. Chief Robert Baty argues that police departments across the country are struggling to recruit and retain officers. But when he gave his quarterly report to the Sitka Assembly on December 26, he was met with grievances from former staff and their families who say the staffing shortage points to a hostile work culture at the local level rather than national trends. Read More

Sitka’s police chief defends department, calls abuse allegations ‘wounds from the past’

The Sitka Police Department is nearing the end of a two-year period marred by several lawsuits brought by former employees. At a recent assembly meeting municipal attorney Brian Hanson reported that the last of the three suits, a sexual harassment claim against the city by former detective Mary Ferguson, is pending settlement.But as that tumultuous period for the Sitka Police Department draws to a close, new accusations of racism and use of force within the organization have emerged, fueled by the growing national conversation about policing. Read More

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