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Meet Raven Radio’s winter fellow, Enrique Pérez de la Rosa

A new voice joined the Raven Radio newsroom last month. Enrique Pérez de la Rosa is a young journalist previously based in Seattle and a graduate of the University of Washington. KCAW's Rob Woolsey spoke to Enrique on the Morning Interview about his passion for journalism, his multicultural southwest upbringing and his reporting on arts, culture and social issues. Read More

Youth climate lawsuit dismissed

The lawsuit was brought by six young Alaskans, demanding the state take action on climate change. In dismissing the case, the Court said that climate policy isn’t an issue for the judiciary can decide. But for the young plaintiffs and the nonprofit supporting them, the ruling included some silver linings. Read More

Sitka in 2013: Shaking earth, falling mountain

In Sitka, the earth moved under our feet in January -- like everywhere else in Southeast -- but one couple in particular will probably be choosing their campsites pretty carefully from now on. 2013 started with an earthquake, and the wild ride never quite ended. An amazing fishing season plus a surge in industrial activity pushed the regional economy to new highs, but not everyone cashed in -- especially those affected by federal budget cuts. Here's a look back at some of the top local news stories of the year. Read More

Where’s Waldholz? KCAW reporter search is over!

When Ed Ronco left KCAW's newsroom at the end of September, one of the first people we sought out to temporarily fill that gap was Rachel Waldholz, our 2012 summer intern: "I wasn't sure if I could hack it in the winter!" But, as often happens in Sitka, her short-term commitment evolved into an interest in sticking around. After six weeks of searching, we found our new reporter already at her desk! Read More

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