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Task Force looks for proactive solutions to Sitka’s urban bear issues

The Sitka Bear Task Force is reconvening to gather ideas for addressing Sitka's bear issues proactively. Assembly liaison Crystal Duncan and ADF&G biologist Steve Bethune discuss the group's mission and goals and aspects of habitat biology which make garbage management a more effective solution than killing the animals. The first meeting is noon, Thursday, April 21, in Harrigan Centennial Hall. The public is welcome to attend. Read More

ADF&G: As long as Sitkans keep setting the table (with tempting trash), brown bears will keep sitting at it

ADF&G biologist Steve Bethune doesn't refer to these animals as "problem bears." “Because they're just bears being bears," he says. "It's actually people that are the problem. And the bears are using the intelligence that they've been created with, and all their resources, and they have to do the best they can with whatever they can just to survive.” Read More

Sitka bear task force tackles ‘trash caches’

The Sitka Bear Task Force has organized work parties to tackle several bear caches -- the places around town where brown bears have been dragging garbage bags over the years, to sort through their loot undisturbed. Alaska Department of Fish & Game biologist Phil Mooney says cleaning up these so-called “trash caches” is no small job. “Over the years you’ll get some places where you’ll have 2 and 3 pickup loads of material that’s piled back in there,” he says. Read More

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