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Restrictions on new short-term rental permits now in effect

Sitka is cracking down on short-term rentals run by non-resident owners. When the Sitka Assembly met on Tuesday (9-13-22), it adopted new rules for vacation rentals that require owners to reside on the same property for at least six months of the year. And all permits for short-term rentals will sunset when a property changes hands. Read More

With absentee votes tallied, Mosher narrowly wins second Assembly seat

At noon today (10-8-21), Sitka election officials began counting around 800 absentee and early ballots that were cast in the weeks leading up to Tuesday’s municipal election. The effort took around two hours, and the results are in. Dave Miller and  Kevin Mosher have been elected to the Sitka Assembly, and Proposition 1, which asked voters to weigh in on the sale of the former Sitka Community Hospital Building , passed by a wide margin. Read More

Miller a clear favorite, but the race for second Sitka Assembly seat to be decided by absentee/early ballots

The race for the second seat on the Sitka assembly is a dead heat, and won’t be settled until absentee and early ballots are counted this Friday. Sitkans cast their votes more decisively on Prop 1 on election day, however, favoring the sale of the Sitka Community Hospital building by a nearly 2-to-1 margin. Read More

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