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Managing congestion tops list for future tourism planning in Sitka. Electrifying (or eliminating) the bus fleet is a close second

As Sitka's planners look to 2024 and beyond, traffic congestion remains at the top of the list in managing the record volumes of summer cruise passengers. Not far behind are concerns over the bus fleet used to transport them. Many residents are calling for electrification, and at least one thinks light rail is the answer. Read More

ADUs could make Sitka’s housing more affordable. Advocates want to make them easier to build.

Whether you rent or buy, housing in Sitka is expensive--median home values and rent prices are consistently among the highest in the state. So, some Sitkans are adding cabins and mother-in-law apartments to their properties to help pay their mortgages and expand Sitka’s tight rental market. Affordable housing advocates want the city to make so-called “Accessory Dwelling Units,” or ADUs, easier to build. Read More

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